CAMILLA: You sir, should unmask.
CASSILDA: Indeed it’s time. We all have laid aside disguise but you.
STRANGER: I wear no mask.
CAMILLA: (Terrified, aside to Cassilda.) No mask? No mask!”
THE KING IN YELLOW: Act 1-Scene 2d.
Chapter 54, The King in Yellow, starts Sunday March 5th at 2pm!


“And on the pedestal, these words appear:
My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings;
Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal Wreck, boundless and bare
The lone and level sands stretch far away.”
- “Ozymandias,” Percy Bysshe Shelley

Chapter 51, “The Long Road Home,” starts Sunday January 8th at 2 pm!

“Nothing surpasses the beauty and elegance of a bad idea.”
- Craig Bruce

Chapter 48, “Goodly King Aethelric’s Anointing Shampoo for Gnomes,” starts Sunday November 13th at 2 pm!

“Lots of gold and power right now in exchange for my signature in blood and some unspecified payment later? What could possibly go wrong? Sign me up!”
– Edwin the Simple
Chapter 47, “The Mouth of the Nine Hells,” starts Sunday October 30th at 2 pm!


“Life has its own hidden forces which you can only discover by living.”
- Søren Kierkegaard
Chapter 46, “The Hidden Empire,” begins 10/16/2016 at 2 pm!


Now you courtly dames and knights,
That study only strange delights,
Though you scorn the home-spun gray
And revel in your rich array;
Though your tongues dissemble deep
And can your heads from danger keep:
Yet for all your pomp and train,
Securer lives the silly swain.
– Thomas Campion

Chapter 41, “The Cube of Strange Delights,” starts at September 18th at 2 pm!


Love is a burning thing/And it makes a fiery ring
Bound by wild desire/I fell into a ring of fire
- Johnny Cash, “Ring of Fire”

Sidequest: “The Ring of Fire” starts July 10th at 2pm at the Sprecher Beer Garden in Grant Park!


“Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils.”
- Hector Berlioz

Chapter 40, “The Stream of Time,” starts Sunday June 12th at 2 pm!


"Mystics, contrary to religionists, are always saying that reality is not two things — God and the world — but one thing, consciousness." - Amit Goswami

Chapter 38, "The Ground of All Being, begins Saturday, April 9th at 2 pm!



"Nothing will teach you more about perceived value than taking something with literally no value and selling it in the auction format. It teaches you the beauty and power of presentation, and how you can make magic out of nothing." – Sophia Amoruso Chapter 37, "Lowest Acceptable Bidder," starts March 20th at 2 pm! …. "'Never laugh at live dragons, Bilbo you fool!' he said to himself, and it became a favourite saying of his later, and passed into a proverb." – The Hobbit, J.R.R. Tolkien Chapter 36, "Stupid Ferocious Beasts," starts March 6th at 2 pm! …. “Usually the team that scores the most points wins the game.” – John Madden Chapter 35, "Against the Spread," starts Sunday February 7th at 2 pm! …. "O ye'll tak' the high road, and I'll tak' the low road, And I'll be in Scotland afore ye!" – The Bonnie Banks o' Loch Lomond Chapter 34, "The High Road or the Low," starts Sunday January 24th at 2 pm! …. Time, all the long red lines, that take control Of all the smoke-like streams that flow into your dreams That big blue open sea, that can't be crossed That can't be climbed, just borne between Oh, the two white lines, distant Gods an' faded signs Of all those blinking lights, you had to pick the one tonight – Mercury Rev, "Holes" Chapter 33, "Wormhole," starts Sunday January 10th, at 2 pm! "Down here all the fish are happy As off through the waves they roll The fish on the land ain’t happy They're sad 'cause they're in a bowl But fish in the bowl is lucky They're in for a worser fate One day when the boss gets hungry Guess whos goin’ be on the plate Under the sea, under the sea Nobody beats us Fry us and eat us in fricasee We what the land folks love to cook Under the sea we off the hook We got no troubles life is the bubbles Under the sea, under the sea!" – Sebastian the Crab, "Under the Sea" Chapter 32, "The Lowerdark Waters, part II" starts Sunday December 27th at 2 pm! …. "A strange twilight world opened up before me, and I felt as the first man to set foot on another planet, an intruder in this mystic garden of the deep." – Professor Pierre Aronnax, narrator, "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" Chapter 32, "The Lowerdark Waters," starts Sunday December 13th at 2 pm! …. "Penda, my dear, your men are quite tough but if they had to birth just one extraplanar demon squid baby they'd be screaming like little girls." – Mary of Freeport, First Queen of New Hanguk Chapter 31, “Old Souls,” starts tomorrow Oct 4th at 2 pm! ….. “Once your brain is vaporized, the lights go out for good. Even an exact physical duplicate of your body and brain would not be you—although it would certainly believe it was.” – Jim Holt Chapter 30, "There Are Many Doors; Death is the First," starts September 20th at 2 pm! …. At El Encanto on the Rio Karaparana and throughout his descent from Chorrera down the Rio Igaraparana, he was constantly encountering Bora and Witoto elders, both men and women, whose ears, fingers, even hands had been severed in their youth for failure to deliver a quota of rubber. "Cruelty invaded their souls," a Catholic priest to Schultes at La Chorrera, referring to the overseers and rubber traders. "In those years the best that could be said of a white man in the Putumayo was that he didn't kill out of boredom." Chapter 28, "Panopticon, Part II," starts August 22nd at 2 pm! …. “The Panopticon creates a consciousness of permanent visibility as a form of power, where no bars, chains, and heavy locks are necessary for domination any more.” – Michel Foucault Chapter 27, "Panopticon," starts August 9th at 2 pm! …. Unni mancianu dui, mancianu tri (There’s always room for one more) – Sicilian proverb Chapter 25, "Always Room for one More," starts SATURDAY July 11th at 2 pm! …. A well-known scientist (some say it was Bertrand Russell) once gave a public lecture on astronomy. He described how the earth orbits around the sun and how the sun, in turn, orbits around the center of a vast collection of stars called our galaxy. At the end of the lecture, a little old lady at the back of the room got up and said: "What you have told us is rubbish. The world is really a flat plate supported on the back of a giant tortoise." The scientist gave a superior smile before replying, "What is the tortoise standing on?" "You're very clever, young man, very clever," said the old lady. "But it's turtles all the way down!" – Stephen Hawking, A Brief History of Time Chapter 23, "Turtles All the Way Down," starts June 14th at 2 pm! …. "Ere Babylon was dust, / The Magus Zoroaster, my dead child, / Met his own image walking in the garden. / That apparition, sole of men, he saw. / For know there are two worlds of life and death: / One that which thou beholdest; but the other / Is underneath the grave, where do inhabit / The shadows of all forms that think and live / Till death unite them and they part no more…." – Prometheus Unbound, Percy Shelley Chapter 22, "Doppelgängers," starts May 31st at our new 2pm start time! …. Erl_king_sterner.jpg "My son, wherefore seek'st thou thy face thus to hide?" "Look, father, the Erl-King is close by our side! Dost see not the Erl-King, with crown and with train?" "My son, 'tis the mist rising over the plain." – "Erlkönig" by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Chapter 21, "The Alder-King" starts May 17th at our new 2pm start time! …. “Absolute nothingness transcends all that is, but at the same time all that is arises through it” – Nishida Kitarō Chapter 20, "Absolute Nothingness," starts May 3rd at 2 pm! …. "Not upon Us, oh king! Not upon us!". – Casilda, "The Repairer of Reputations," Robert W. Chambers Chapter 19, "Dissemination," starts April 19th at 2pm! …. "Tick tock make me creep/never ending counting sheep/ never get no sleep." -Safia, "Counting Sheep"


Chapter 18, "Phase Two Roll Out," starts March 22nd at 1 pm! …. "In medieval society it was noble to be a predator. After all, war – the predatory occupation- was the privilege of the noble class; it was their reason for existence. That class favored their hunting animals over all others and, on a symbolic level, they place the lion, the master predator, above all others." – "The Beast Within: Animals in the Middle Ages," By Joyce Salisbury Chapter 17, "The Lion's Den," starts March 8th at 1 pm! (Don't forgot to spring ahead for daylight savings time). …. "Perfect replication is the enemy of any robust system… Lacking a central nervous system much less a brain the parasite is a simple system designed to compromise a very specific target host. The more uniform the host, the more effective the infestation." – Daniel Suarez Chapter 16, "The Infestation," starts February 22nd at 1 pm! …. Rufus T. Firefly: And now, members of the cabinet… [pounds gavel] Rufus T. Firefly: we'll take up old business. Cabinet Member: I wish to discuss the tariff. Rufus T. Firefly: Sit down, that's new business. No old business? Very well… [pounds gavel] Rufus T. Firefly: we'll take up new business. Cabinet Member: Now, about that tariff… Rufus T. Firefly: Too late, that's old business already. Sit down. – Duck Soup Chapter 15, "Ol' Business" starts February 8th at 1 pm! …. NewbyHallFloorPlan0001.jpg – Floor plan of Igor Usmanov's "public" stately home. Chapter 14, "Covert Breach, part II" starts January 25th at 1pm! …. "Do not trust the horse, Trojans! Whatever it is, I fear the Greeks, even bringing gifts." -Laocoön, in Virgil's Aeneid, Book II Chapter 14, "Covert Breach," starts January 11th at 1pm! …. "…To realize that all your life, and all your love, and all your hate and all your memory, all your pain, it was all the same thing. It was all the same dream, a dream that you had, inside a locked room. That dream about being a person. And like a lot of dreams, it had a monster at the end of it." -Rust Cohle, True Detective Episode 3 Chapter 13, "The Gentleman Suicides & the Peddler Murders," starts January 4th at 1 pm! …. Let's be naughty and save Santa the trip. – Gary Allan A brief "holiday themed" interlude DMed by Edd "Ho ho ho" Black starts Sunday, December 14th at 1 pm! Roll up an 11th level character, starting stats are 18 18 14 14 12 12. …. After a student led a politely understated performance of the second movement, Haitink reminded her that “this is really nasty music, not at all charming. It needs more sarcasm.” He then proved the point, conjuring a startlingly bitter sound from the orchestra. -Ivan Hewitt, "What Do Conductors Do?" Chapter 12, "The Absent Conductor" starts Sunday November 23rd at 1 pm! ….


There were three sailors bold and true With cargo they did carry They sailed away on the ocean blue For the love of Spanish Mary So deeply now were they disturbed No longer could they tarry Swoon and swerve for the love of Spanish Mary Spanish Mary – Lyrics by Bob Dylan & Lead Vocals by Rhiannon Giddens Chapter 11, "Sailors Three, Sailors Through" starts 11/16/2014 at 1 pm! …. The consequence of having seen God is madness, not in the sense that one becomes mentally ill, no, but that a kind of madness is set between you and others; people cannot nor will not understand you. Provocations – Søren Kierkegaard Chapter 10, The Cenotaph, part III starts at 1 pm POST DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME, 11/1/2014! F2x6AK9.jpg "Preface" by Dragan Bibin "And I was woke up just before dawn By an old man crying in the rain He was drunk and he was lonely And as he passed by he sang a hymn And as I lay there listening Well, I almost joined him in that song But instead I just held my peace And waited 'till that old man moved along Then later on that day About a quarter mile out of town I found his body hanging in A grove of pines, swaying in the wind And as he swang that rope sang Another hymn to Jesus And this time, though I don't know why I somehow felt inclined to sing along I guess it's cause still waters run Run deep in me 'Cause I got this crazy way, crazy way I'm swimming in still waters" – Jim White, "Still Waters" Chapter 9: "The Cenotaph, part II" starts 10/12/2014 at 1 pm! …. “There are horrors beyond life's edge that we do not suspect, and once in a while man's evil prying calls them just within our range.” – H.P. Lovecraft, The Thing on the Doorstep Chapter 8: "The Cenotaph" starts 10/05/2014 at 1 pm! …. So I prophesied as I was commanded: and as I prophesied, there was a noise, and behold a shaking, and the bones came together, bone to his bone. And when I beheld, lo, the sinews and the flesh came up upon them, and the skin covered them above: but there was no breath in them. – Ezekiel 37:7-8 Chapter 7: "Cleric, Wizard, Sorcerer" starts Sunday, 9/21/2014 at 1 pm! … By this time the moon was shining brightly, and the engine-driver, steadying himself on the coal, could command a view of the line behind them for a long distance. Presently he called out, 'I can see it clearly now! It is an engine, on our rails, coming along at a great pace! It looks as if we were being pursued!' The miserable Toad, crouching in the coal-dust, tried hard to think of something to do, with dismal want of success. 'They are gaining on us fast!' cried the engine-driver. And the engine is crowded with the queerest lot of people! Men like ancient warders, waving halberds; policemen in their helmets, waving truncheons; and shabbily dressed men in pot-hats, obvious and unmistakable plain-clothes detectives even at this distance, waving revolvers and walking-sticks; all waving, and all shouting the same thing—"Stop, stop, stop!"' – "The Wind in the Willows," by Kenneth Grahame Chapter 6: "A Wild Career" Starts Sunday 9/7/2014 at 1 pm! …. There was a boy A very strange enchanted boy They say he wandered very far Very far, over land and sea A little shy and sad of eye But very wise was he And then one day, a magic day He passed my way, and while we spoke Of many things, fools and kings This he said to me "The greatest thing you'll ever learn Is just to love and be loved in return" - Eden Ahbez, Lyrics from Nature Boy Chapter 5: "Cultural Differences" starts Sunday 8/24/2104 at 1 pm! …. If I knew for a certainty that a man was coming to my house with the conscious design of doing me good, I should run for my life. —Henry David Thoreau Chapter 4: "The Ruined Manse" starts Sunday 8/9/2014 at 1 pm! The hospitable host safeguards a traveler's life and possessions with three exceptions. The traveler's sword, knife, and breeches are always their responsibility. Don't find yourself without them! —Rudolph, Mayor of Freedom Chapter 3: "Hospitality" starts Sunday 7/27/2014 at 11am! … It’s always night, or we wouldn't need light. –– Thelonious Monk Chapter 2: "Of Ink and Bone" starts Sunday 7/13/2014! … A secret is powerful when it is empty. – Umberto Eco Chapter 1: The Nameless God starts Sunday 6/29/2014! … POTENTIAL ADVENTURE TITLES FOR THE POST APOCALYPTIC RELIC HUNTING STRIKE FORCE: Some number of these "chapters" will be written by the player characters! But which ones? ;) Chapter One: The Nameless God The Cenotaph The King's Executioner Inhuman Sacrifice The Cube of a Dark Delights The Man Inside the Mountain The Sleep Thief Behold the Pale Horse The King in Yellow Teen Nun Assassins … Children's History Book of the Chosen: Timeline Year Zero – The Culling begins. Our ancestors, The Chosen, are allowed to take shelter in the University's survival biome simulator. The doors are fused shut and millions on the Outside perish. Year One – Once the Chosen are sealed inside, The Lacuna begins. Within 9 months, no original member of the Chosen can remember anything about The Culling. The Chosen must now rely on written accounts from Year Zero for any information about the Culling. The Chosen elect the first Council, consisting of four upstanding members of community… …Year Eleven – For the third year famine ravages the Chosen. Breth the Hasty and 200 followers unseal the doors and leave the Dome in search of food and survivors on the Outside. None are ever seen again. Year Twelve – The tradition of sending out scouts begins. None ever returns. Sytin is added as the inaugural fifth council member, in a vote by the confederacy of trade guilds over the objections of the farmers and sewage cleaners guilds… …Year Eighty-Eight – Scout missions are abolished as cruel and unusual punishment, since no one but prisoners had volunteered in two decades, and all scouts are presumed to have died after leaving the Sphere. The second Fusing of the Doors occurs…

Post-Apocalyptic Relic Hunting Strike Force

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