Post-Apocalyptic Relic Hunting Strike Force

What is Freedom without Responsibility?

Damn, I hate this wench

Victor James Gilroy is a student, though not as intellectual as his compatriots. Yet, even he is mystified by the idiocy of the first human he met outside the dome. What does it say of a descendent of adventurers to be left in the brush inebriated and helpless? Is this wench, whose name I will not give her the honor of remembering, indicative of those who grew outside of the dome? If so, we were wrong to leave.

We began heading to the town of Freedom. I wouldn’t honor it with the title of village, this farming community, with their differing agricultural ways. Missa was enamored with the various crops and methods, and we took the time to satisfy some of her curiosities. Upon reaching the village, we immediately saw several foolish wayfarers trying to eye us up for pickings. Soon, we would demonstrate that such thoughts would be foolishness.

We met with several town officials, and discovered some of the history. The relevant part of that history, is other scouts were in fact sent out. Why would the leadership in the dome lie about this? Considering the conditions out here, why did no one go back? Too many questions try to cloud my path.

Our new mageblooded friend Z has proven to be both an alcoholic and a lightweight. he instigated a bar fight that needed both mine and the little one’s skills to quell peacefully. Yes, this is a brave new world, but one would think one so arrogant would be able to back up his brash talking…

We now find ourselves on the hunt of one who possesses the anger of a barbarian, and the guile of a wizard, and can do both at the same time. He will not be difficult to deal with, as I have had to develop skills that may stray from my path for a while, though prove to be utterly invaluable in the world, especially when combined with some of my Qi like abilities.

… if these people are representative of the humans outside the dome, my attitude might start to mirror Z’s. Ancestors help me …


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