Post-Apocalyptic Relic Hunting Strike Force

"The Ruined Manse" Recap

Our adventurers sallied into the darkness of an abandoned manse, caught a few farm folk fornicating, and discovered a secret door to a underground lair that definitely did not come with the original property. Zarathustra got himself some very well aged red wine. Vec killed was killed, cursing the name of his companion, Gareth, who abandoned him. Within the spoils were a map with only two discernable names- “Downs of Trigg” and an arrow pointing “to the village of Tintagel.” A burned scrap of paper contained one phrase- The King in Yellow. Also in the hoard is a strange 3 foot ring with straw draped across it. It is magical but the group doesn’t know what it does. Gareth escaped by the empty road, riding away to who knows where. Blaine and Marceline the bard dwarf trade Arcane Marks before departing. The rest of the group colects loot from the Mayor of Freedom and meet and agree to travel with Aethelfrith and Aethelstan, two diplomats from Dumnonia, who ID Tintagel and Trigg as Dumnonian place names.


ThomasCarroll ThomasCarroll

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