Post-Apocalyptic Relic Hunting Strike Force

The Daily Leaf - Vol 37 Issue 31, Early Edition

R.J. Kradas, Publisher
The Hottest News Fit to Print for Deira – and the Multiverse!
BREAKING: Star Barrister Signs Confession Implicating Gangster in Murders, Suicides & Plotting to Wrongfully Execute Local Teen
In Brief:
-Investigative Reporter Taryn Leonidas Receives Handwritten Confession From Barrister Ainsley.
-Foreign Private Investigators Uncover Ainsley’s Plot.
-Ainsley’s Confession Implicates Alleged Mob Boss Igor Usmanov in Framing a Rival Boss’ Nephew for Murdering Vagrants.
-Killer(s) of Vagrants Still Unidentified, Presumed At Large.
-Bodies of Murdered Vagrants Found Under Bailey Keep with Bodies of the Gentlemen Suicides; Connection Still Unclear.
-Ainsley Confesses to Being Member of Obscure Cult Bent on Spreading Madness and Confusion.
-Court Prosecutor Unavailable for Comment on Accusations of Colluding with Defense Barrister Ainsley to Coerce Child into Copping to Murders.
-Embattled City Minister Denies Knowledge of Plot, Claims the City Guard, Himself Were Ignorant.
-Planned Execution of Innocent Teen Stayed at the Last Moment By High Reeve Himself.
-Ainsley Not in Custody, Last Seen Leaving Diera on Foot.
-Royal Barrister’s Society Considering Disbarring Ainsley.
-City Guard Deputy in the Bailey Keep Sacked for Dereliction of Duty, Fleeing Post, During Discovery of Ainsley’s Confession.


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