Post-Apocalyptic Relic Hunting Strike Force

Passed the Buck

In a small town just outside of our target area we have met a new group of adventures from the dome. it appears that we have not been dropping in often enough to have recruited more aid. i do not mind so much, more people sharing the responsibility gives us more freedom to find things of value instead of just the small items. A few things i do not like about meeting our new friends. they drove out VJG due to conflict. i do not pass all the blame on them about it. Victor was a bit of a loose cannon and over reactionary, but still i am not sure if loosing him was worth meeting four people we may or may not see again on occasion. also when we had our talk, they mentioned something dark, creepy, and sinister may have been on their trail. now that they have left the town four strange objects appear outside of our doors at the inn. to boot these objects have stories of the past which are as mentioned earlier, dark, creepy, and sinister. however maybe this was our burden to bare in the first place. the origins of these superstitious objects seems to be from our very destination. i know not what the next few days will have in store for us. i just pray they will be in our favor.


ThomasCarroll JeffreyCC

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