Post-Apocalyptic Relic Hunting Strike Force

Braithwaite’s Spring Auction Catalog

Exquisite Finery, Oddities & Artefacts

1. – Shield of Open Doors – (Aura = Moderate Conjuration) This Darkwood tower shield resembles a sturdy door. Set it into the ground or against a wall & it becomes a real door and can be opened or closed normally. Use the door to transport those who enter short distances, even through walls. Opening bid: 25,000 GP
2. – Portable Pool of Lava – (Aura = Moderate Transmutation) A Braithwaite’s exclusive. This potent item looks like a silvery bag of holding filled to bursting. Unleashes a torrent of lava one thousand cubic feet in volume. Pro tip: Be at least ten feet above the ground when opening. Opening bid: 30,000 GP
3. – Mithral Full Plate of Speed – (Aura = Faint Transmutation) This exceptionally light & flexible plate armor allows the wearer to cast a spell of haste for a minute a day. Opening bid: 40,000 GP
4. – Grave Gown – (Aura = Moderate Conjuration) This funereal gown of night-black lace wraps the body like a sable spiderweb. On misty or foggy nights, the gown’s wispy train seems to diffuse into the darkness. As often as she desires between dusk and dawn, the wearer can move between marked, earthen graves within short distances; or move once a very long distance to any grave (if she knows the name of the creature interred within). Opening bid: 45,000 GP
5. – Spidery Quill of Dissembling – (Aura = Moderate Conjuration and Enchantment) This hideously deformed purple quill is crafted from the leg of a giant spider. Any magical or mundane writing touched by the quill dissolves into a chaotic mess of disjointed symbol fragments. This renders the original text completely illegible and nonmagical. More powerful magical writings transform into a swarm of spiders; forcing their way into enemy creature’s brains and making them confused. Opening bid: 60,000 GP
6. – Pure Adamantine Meteor – (Aura = Faint, No School) This oblong mass of silvery metal is blackened and pockmarked. Adamantine is an ultra-hard metal that adds to the quality of a weapon or suit of armor. Although it may appear small (3 feet wide), at nearly eighty pounds this is the fourth largest Adamantine meteor ever found. Buyers may prefer to preserve this meteor as a relic, but if one were so inclined, two suits of Adamantine full plate could be constructed from it with a bit of the precious metal still left over. Opening bid: 60,000 GP
7. – Staff of Illusion – (Aura = Strong Illusion) This staff is made from ebony wood and carved into an intricately twisted, fluted, or spiral shape. This staff casts six powerful illusion spells. The seller has not disclosed the number of charges on this staff. Opening Bid: 65,000 GP
8. – Caninae Fangblade – (Aura = Moderate Transmutation) This well-worn bastard sword has a leather-bound grip which is covered in coarse grey fur, and the notched blade sharpens the wielder’s instincts when drawn. The wielder can unleash a spine-chilling howl, intimidating enemies and helping allies shift on the field of battle. If the wielder can hit his quarry, other pack-mates can trip enemies nearby without suffering the usual dangers. Opening bid: 90,000 GP
9. – Skin of the Hero – (Aura = Strong, No School) This psychoactive skin gives one’s body a silvery hue. The skin continually grants its wearer the ability to better resist attacks of all kinds while also aiding the wearer in attacking their enemies. Opening bid: 115,000 GP
10. – Complete Raiment of the Stormwalker (Stormfire Ring, Aura = Strong Evocation; Bracers of Lightning, Aura = Faint Evocation; Robe of Thunder, Aura = Strong Transmutation; Cloudwalker Anklets, Aura = Moderate Transmutation) * The Stormfire Ring is made of faceted clear crystal and contains a faint blue-white glow. It lights up an opponent with painful lightning. * Each of these wide, faintly glowing Bracers of Lightning is made of four thin, rectangular quartz crystals joined by narrow silver bands. When the Bracers of Lightning are activated, they visibly crackle with electricity. Even touching an enemy causes them harm. * The silken Robe of Thunder roils with the colors of storm clouds, constantly shifting in shade and hue. When activated, a Robe of Thunder surrounds you in an invisible, faintly rumbling aura of thunder. Should an enemy strike you while it is activated, the robe unleashes a deafening assault on your enemy in retaliation. This robe also protects you from harmful loud noises. * Designed to go around the wearer’s ankles, each of the Cloudwalker Anklets consists of two half circles of carved quartz joined by a silver hinge and clasp. Cloudwalker anklets allow you to move through the air. * Each a powerful magic item their own right, together these items have fantastic synergistic effects. Wearing multiple pieces of the Raiment of the Stormwalker gives you the power to create clouds, call down electricity from the sky, and laugh off lightning strikes. When you wear the entire raiment of the Stormwalker, the Robe of Thunder flashes with lightning that crackles across the other parts of the Raiment. The Raiment is to be sold only as a complete set, per the current owner. Opening bid: 200,000 GP
11. – Chaos Diamond – (Aura = Strong, Varied) This lustrous gemstone is uncut and about the size of a human fist. Weighing a massive one pound, if it were merely a diamond it would be worth thousands, but strong chaotic magics also surround this gem. It allows the bearer to cast four powerful chaotic spells a random number of times per day. Lawful bidders are strongly encouraged to consider our other amazing auction items. Opening bid: 225,000 GP
12. – Philosopher’s Stone – (Aura = Strong Transmutation) This is the pièce de résistance of this auction. This rare substance appears to be an ordinary, sooty piece of blackish rock. Appearances can be deceiving. If the stone is broken open a cavity is revealed at the stone’s heart. This cavity is lined with a magical type of quicksilver that enables any arcane spellcaster to transmute base metals (iron and lead) into silver and gold. The quicksilver found in the center of the stone may also be put to another use. If mixed with any cure potion while the substance is still potent, it creates a special oil of life that can resurrect any body it is sprinkled upon. Opening Bid: Not available.

Braithwaite Auction Rules: Bidders must be authorized before opening gavel by Braithwaite’s. Catalogue subject to change without notice. Bids cannot be rescinded. Physical threats, violence, intimidation and mind affecting spells, items or abilities are prohibited. Payment in full due at the end of the auction. All sales are final. Items are sold “as is." No refunds.


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